Thirsty? Get tough on soft drinks.

The next time you feel like foraging in the cupboard or fridge, consider that mindless snacking can pack on the pounds. Cleveland Clinic registered dietitians teamed up during Summer 2012 to suggest healthy alternatives to time-honored comfort foods. This included getting tough on soft drinks.

Here’s what they wrote, “Pop open a can of soda when you’re thirsty, and you’ll feel refreshed. But you’re basically drinking sugar water with zero nutritional value. For a healthier alternative, try making a juice spritzer. Add a splash of soda water, diet ginger ale or diet lemon-lime soda to half a cup of 100 percent grape, orange or cranberry-blend juice with ice. Or cool off with diet tonic water and a wedge of lemon.”

Better yet, the dietitians recommend drinking water — “It truly is ‘the real thing!”

Cleveland ClinicSource: Rethinking Snacks & Comfort Foods: 7 Tips — Health Hub from Cleveland Clinic]


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