Guest Column: State of the Water Union

– January 2011

President Barack Obama emphasized rebuilding America in his second (2011) State of the Union address and called for renewed investments in the aging infrastructure systems that sustain economic growth and competitiveness and serve as engines for American jobs. The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) applauds the President for his leadership on the issue of renewing America’s commitment to infrastructure investments but is disappointed that the President did not include mention of the need to recommit to investing in our water and wastewater infrastructure.

America’s communities face a $500 billion need in clean water and drinking water infrastructure investments and federal  leadership and support for greater investment in this infrastructure is essential if we expect our economy  to thrive. It is well documented that our water infrastructure is reaching a tipping point.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) latest infrastructure report card gave the nation’s water infrastructure a D-, the lowest of any infrastructure category. As a result, each day the nation suffers significant losses and damages from broken water and sewer mains, sewage overflows, and scarcity of drinking water supplies among other challenges.

Source: National Association of Clean Water Agencies – January 26, 2011

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